Charlotte Luxury Rentals is the only vehicle company in Charlotte that offers luxury brand vehicles. You can book your vehicle online or via phone, and receive the exact vehicle listed on our site. Never worry about the or similar language. Unlike traditional rental car companies, we are not about burn and churn. We value our vehicles but more importantly our clients.

Our vehicles are great for daily, weekly and even monthly rentals. Whether you are in town for business or pleasure, you have the option to ride around in style.

Daily rentals start at $299 per day plus North Carolina sales tax. A daily rental is based on a 24-hour time period. Hourly rentals available with a driver only! Weekly rentals are offered at a discounted rate and vary per vehicle. Please contact our office at for our discounted monthly rental rates.

All vehicles can be rented with or without a driver.

Explore OUR FLEET and choose your experience TODAY!